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Jennifer Aniston Frisuren durch die Jahre

In the height of ’90s style, women watching the hit TV series Friends longed for hair like actress Jennifer Aniston. Over ten years after the show ended, Jennifer is still considered a style icon. Jennifer has never been afraid of changing her look while maintaining a sense of timelessness. No matter the style, she always looks put-together and confident. If you’re looking to channel some of Jennifer’s style with your next haircut, take a look at her hairstyle evolution throughout the years.

#1: Brown Blowout (1990)

Before she rocked her famous haircut on the hit TV series Friends, Jennifer sported long, voluminous brown, almost black, locks. In 1990, this Jennifer Aniston hair is reminiscent of the previous decade, with a fringe framing her face and blown-out locks.

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#2: The “Rachel” (1994)

Perhaps the most famous Jennifer Aniston hair look, the “Rachel” hairstyle is made up of many layers and red highlights. Because of her character, Rachel, Aniston hairstyles soon became sought after by all modern, ’90s women.

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#3: Pulled Back and Professional (1998)

With this updo, Jennifer opted for a more sophisticated style, with her hair pulled back into a sleek chignon. Jennifer Aniston’s hair is always flawless, and this perfectly pinned up style is no exception. Check out these other styles for more updo inspiration.

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#4: Brunette Half-Up, Half-Down (1998)

With this look, we get a glimpse of Jennifer’s natural hair color before she made the switch to blonde. She paired this darker shade with an effortlessly messy, half-up, half-down style that is super-easy to replicate.

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#5: Accessorized Up-Do (1998)

It’s easy to tell that the 2000s were close with this style that loosely resembles those sparkly hair-clips we all loved as kids. Jennifer’s playful look was achieved by separating sections of hair with cute bows, for an intricate and sweet feel.

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#6: Faux Dreads (1999)

Jennifer Aniston hair is nothing if not a conversation-starter. This subtle, faux-dreaded style definitely got people talking while adding a boho-chic feel to her intricately beaded dress. This half-curly, half-straight hairstyle is an interesting one, but leave it to the Friends star to pull it off.

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#7: Pin-Straight (2000)

In typical early 2000s fashion, Jennifer welcomed the new millennium with perfectly straight, flat-ironed locks, styled in a middle part with long bangs in the front. Want your locks to shine like Jennifer’s? Try using hair serums to breathe life back into your hair.

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#8: Ash Blonde and Blunt Bob (2001)

After many years of wearing her enviable, medium-length hair, Jennifer stepped into 2001 with a new haircut. Giving up her shoulder-length look of season 8, she chose a short, blunt bob that went perfectly with her face shape and straight hair. If you’re looking to make the switch to a shorter, fresher cut, check out these elegant and stylish A-line haircuts.

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#9: Honey Blonde Waves (2002)

In 2002, Jennifer went back to her usual medium-length hair and debuted a new honey-blonde color. This hairstyle has a subtle ombré aspect to it, with dark blonde at the roots and a richer, lighter blonde at the ends. Check out these shade options and find the most flattering blonde for your skin tone.

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#10: Windswept Beach Waves (2004)

As Friends came to an end in 2004, Jennifer let her hair grow out and showed off a beachy, red carpet look. With this youthful style, one could hardly tell that her hit TV show had started a decade earlier. Check out this how-to guide for tips on how to get beach waves of your own.

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#11: Bronde Waves (2005)

Before it was popular, Jennifer rocked bronde locks — a subtle blende of both blonde and brown hair dye. This combination of color is the best of both worlds and adds a warm glow to her entire style. Want to know how to get hair color like this? Take a look at these wonderful bronde color options.

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#12: Ash Blonde (2006)

This style may be slightly reminiscent of Avril Lavigne’s pop-punk style, circa the early 2000s, but Jennifer rocks it all the same. In 2006, she traded in her almost brunette locks for this ash blonde shade and paired it with her go-to straight locks parted down the middle.

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#13: Playful Ponytail (2006)

Jennifer usually wears her hair down, but with this style, she piled her shiny locks into a fun and easy ponytail. This casual hairstyle is good for an everyday look, but requires just enough effort so it doesn’t look like you rolled out of bed.

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#14: Bright Blonde (2009)

In yet another color switch, Jennifer opted for a bright blonde shade that is similar to the one she rocked during her run in Friends. Showing off some natural roots at the top adds dimension to the color.

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#15: Side-Swept (2013)

For a classic style, Jennifer pulled back half of her hair, forming an elegant, curled effect. Her color also has a subtle hint of strawberry blonde mixed with golden highlights. This style is also easy to replicate. Simply pull back the side of your hair that is opposite your part and secure with bobby pins.

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#16: Ponytail with Side Bangs (2014)

Through the years, Jennifer Aniston’s hair color has mainly had a blonde base, but this dark blonde, almost brunette color was a step in a new direction for the Friends star. She also amps up this style by adding a little volume in the back of her hair and some side bangs falling loosely in the front.

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#17: Long Layers with Bangs (2015)

If you look at images from then and now, Jennifer’s style hasn’t changed drastically, and every now and then, she likes to incorporate some of her classic Jennifer Aniston hair looks into her current hairstyles. These long side bangs frame Jennifer’s face perfectly.

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#18: Doubled-Up Bun (2015)

At the Golden Globes in 2015, Jennifer stepped out with a sophisticated updo that looks like a new and improved chignon style. She pulled her sleek hair back into a doubled bun look that shows off her dirty blonde and brown highlights.

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#19: Tinkerbell Bun (2016)

In another fun updo, Jennifer looks like she should be standing beside Peter Pan with this bun style. To make us think even more of Tinkerbell’s innocent look, Jennifer lets some of her bangs fall down her face. Tired of your run-of-the-mill bun? Try out these quick and easy updated messy bun styles.

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#20: Face-Framing Layers (2017)

In recent pictures, you can see Jennifer sporting a trendy cool blonde color with her brows a couple of shades darker. This shade of blonde has an almost champagne-like glow to it, which makes Jennifer look more radiant than ever. Want to give long layers and bangs a try? You’ll have trouble deciding which style to choose with these cute haircuts.

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For over two decades, Jennifer Aniston has been our go-to girl for effortlessly cool hairstyles. If you’re looking for a hair color or style upgrade, any one of Jen’s cool-girl styles would be perfect!

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