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Kristen Stewart Frisuren von Cute Updos zu Badass Buzz Cut

Kristen Stewart has been queen since she first came under the style radar-she’s definitely grown up since her Twilight days. It has us wondering when we’ll be able to achieve Kristin Stewart hair levels. Kristen’s style has matured, and her hair has grown increasingly shorter and more daring each year. Let’s take a look at some of Kristen Stewart’s best hair moments!

#1: Blonde Bombshell

We love Kristen Stewart as a bubbly blonde. She seems much less dark and mysterious with this fun shade.

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#2: The Mullet

Say what you will about the mullet but Kristen Stewart rocked it aith poise and grace-also if you squint really hard it’s Joan Jett from The Runaways!

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#3: Medium-Length Layers

The hardest part about choosing a new haircutis deciding a good boundary of how far you’re willing to go. Sometimes it’s best to just stick to a medium-length and add layers for fun volume.

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#4: Kristin Stewart Natural Hair

There is little more memorable than Kristin Stewart’s long hair in her Twilight days. Seriously, we all wanted to copy her perfect shiny and healthy looking locks yesterday and we’re not afraid to admit it.

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#5: Beach Waves

There’s nothing quite better than beach wave hair, and the best part is you don’t even have to be near the sandy shores to achieve this style. Check out some of our favorite DIY beach wave sprays.

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#6: Side Braid

Another simple style is the side braid-Kristin Stewart makes it chic by leaving a few wisps out to the side, but that’s completely up to you.

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#7: Copper Color

This enchanting color on Kristin Stewart makes us wonder why we didn’t think of it! Copper and brassy tones don’t just have to be for the autumn time-add a little shine to your summer with this shade.

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#8: Messy Fishtail Braid

This look is perfect for those lazy days on the beach, and if you go out on an especially windy day. You’ll be rocking the mermaid look and looking great while you’re at it!

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#9: Chic Pulled-Back Updo

If you want a flawless look to wow your friends try adding a pulled back updo-it looks dramatic but is a simple style to achieve.

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#10: Radiant in Red

Kristen Stewart looks great in so many different colors, but one of her most short-lived also happened to be our favorite: red hair. We wouldn’t complain if she changed it back tomorrow.

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#11: Low Bun

It is sweet summertime once again, and do you know what that means? Revenge of the buns-you can wear them high, low or to the side.

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#12: Slicked Back Bob

Saucy and masculine hairstyles like this often make celebrities look even more elegant. Sleek brushed-back bob adds a lot of visual self-confidence to Kristen’s appearance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work for all girls, but how can you know it’s not for you without even trying?

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#13: Business Classy

We’re wondering if Kristen Stewart had an audition for the film Working Girl-if not we know what style we’ll be wearing to the office tomorrow. If you’re looking to pull off this chic bun check out some other celebrity-inspired buns!

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#14: Deep Side Part

Kristen Stewart pulls off a mysterious look with this deep side part, and we love how versatile she makes short hair seem!

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#15: Festival Pixie Style

This messy style with deep side part was in the center of paparazzo’s attention at the AFI FEST 2014. Kristen always knew how to transform a usual short haircut into a classy red carpet look. And she’s mastered the art of matching badass hairstyles to evening gowns!

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#16: Sassy Sideflip

The sideflip is our favorite go-to style-it’s sweet and simple and there’s no frills about it. You just pick your best side and gove the camera a big smile with your cute hairdo.

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#17: Bold and Blonde

We’ve heard blondes have more fun, and while we’re not sure if that’s true we do know we love Kristen Stewart with blonde hair!

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#18: Rockin’ Roots

We know that Kristen Stewart quite often calls out to her inner ’90s grunge princess for inspiration, and she looks like a rockstar with these dark roots.

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#19: Pin It Back

If you don’t want to boldy get a completely new hair style that is totally understandable! Why not fake having short hair by adding some bobby pins – I imagine removing them won’t be much fun.

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#20: Bombshell Buzzcut

Pulling off a buzz cutis no easy challenge, but of course Kristen Stewart makes it seem that way.

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It’s hard not to be inspired by Kristen Stewart’s hairstyles. She is one of the most genuine stars and also has amazing hair to go with it! We can’t wait to see where she goes after her bold buzzcut. What were some of your favorite Kristen Stewart hair moments?

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